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Stunning pictures from the sky.

Broadcast Video Camera


Our cameras can go almost anywhere.

Radio Show


The perfect sound for your successful project.

"A Higher Education: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice" by Rosalie Stanton, read by Fran Donato. Rotor Multimedia mixed and mastered the audio book, now available on Amazon, Audible and more!

AHE Retail Sample.wavFran Donato
00:00 / 04:16

"Megalomaniac" by Endicott Dread is a song about our collective need to be loved and admired. This mix uses the extremely dynamic nature of the song to create a theatrical experience like the high-concept albums of the 1970's. Mixed and mastered by Rotor Multimedia.

MC075_Endicott_Dread_MegalomaniacEndicott Dread
00:00 / 04:43

"Digital Blue Deep Space Remix" is a new version of the song "Digital Blue" by Christopher Dallman, reworked by Dodging Rain at Two Cat Audio Labs. This mix takes Dodging Rain's work and finalizes it for submission as a possible release by the artist. Mixed and mastered by Rotor Multimedia.

"Selga" was recorded in Latvia in 2020 by the band TREEEYE. The word "selga" in Latvian means "a deep place (in the sea, in a big lake, in a wide river) far from the shore". This mix is an attempt to reinforce that deep, dark feeling using motion and effects. Mixed and mastered by Rotor Multimedia.

"Aerial Baraat" is an original song composed by Rand Bradbury to accompany an aerial video shot during a Baraat ceremony in downtown Philadephia, PA. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Winslow Manor Studios by Rotor Multimedia.

MC074_DodgingRain_Digital_Blue_Deep_SpacArtist Name
00:00 / 04:26
MC073_TREEEYE_SelgaTree Eye
00:00 / 05:12
AerialBaraat.wavRand Bradbury
00:00 / 00:57
Fancy Camera


Audio and video streamed over the web. Expand your audience.

"I Got The" (originally written by Labi Siffre) performed by

Chelley Knight, Chris Vaillancourt, Elias & Tim at Garage Mahal Music in Middletown, RI. This live concert was streamed as part of the Singing For Shelter 2020 charity concert series. Video & Audio production by Rotor Multimedia.

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